FEMA Consultancy and Compliance

If your business has or seeks global markets, consult Team Entrecap for FEMA Consultancy in remittances, registrations, approvals and periodical compliance.

Foreign Direct Investment reporting

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) generally means investment in an Indian business entity by a non-resident individual/ business entity/ Government body etc.  In India, FDI is regulated by the Foreign Exchange (Non-Debt Instrument) Rules, 2019.

Dormant Companies

Making a Company dormant is an alternate way to reduce compliance of a non-functional or non-operational company. Company remains in existence and yet has to fulfill reduced compliance till the promoters/ directors decide to make it functional again. Our team can assist you in making a company dormant and revert back to being active again.

Secretarial Records/ Notice/ Agenda and Public inspection

Properly maintained Secretarial records ensure compliance with the Companies Act and LLP Act. They also form the basis of forms to be filed with Government authorities. Our team will help you with secretarial records/ agenda/ notices and minutes.

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