Complete guide to LLP Registration

Incorporate your own LLP today with Team Entrecap! Contact us for all LLP registration issues like name reservation, documentation, process, LLP Deed.

Public Limited Company registration

Public Limited Company, as a corporate entity, is suited for large public holdings or for inviting public investment in the future. It has fewer restrictions on inviting funds from outsiders as compared to a private company but on the other hand, has substantially more compliance rules to be followed. Team Entrecap can help you in registration of and regular compliance for a public company.

Hindu Undivided Family

Hindu Undivided Family (HuF) , established in the Hindu traditions, is a separate viable entity in the income tax system. Our direct tax team has vast experience in ensuring optimum taxation on all matters pertaining to HuF including obtaining PAN, income tax return filing and consultancy.

Section 8 Company registration

Read the complete guide to form a section 8 Company. Engage our Corporate Compliance Team to assist you professionally for its incorporation- documentation and process.