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Hindu Undivided Family (HuF)

The Hindu Undivided Family (HuF) is a unique concept in India. It is established in the Hindu traditions of holding certain ancestral property as a joint family. Certain salient features of an HuF are as follows:

  1. It arises from marriage of an individual. It is a natural occurance and does not require registration , as such, for its creation.
  2. Head of the family is called ‘Karta‘ . The other members are called co-parceners.  Karta is the guardian of the family and takes care of the interest of all members of the family. Usually karta is a male but as after the 2015 amendments , female co-parceners are given equal status as male co-parceners. Hence , its also a judicial view that now, even women can be karta, in the absence of any senior male member.
  3. Who can be co-parceners/ members: Husband/ Wife and their children and future generations. Thus parents of Mr. X cannot be member of X (HuF) but X is be a member of his father’s HuF.

Tax implication:

  1. HuF offers certain tax advantages. There is a separate minimum exemption limit for HuF (similar to that for resident individuals). Hence all investments in the name of HuF enjoy a separate limit of Rs. 2.5 Lakhs (present limit) and also enjoy exemption under other sections like 80TTA etc.
  2. Clubbing of income – Clubbing section restrictions under the Income Tax Act,1961 apply to fund transfers to HuF. This should be kept in mind while planning taxes.
  3. Tax deductions under Chapter VIA: Certain sections apply to HuF also. This can be used for further tax planning.
  4. PAN Card for HuF: HuF has its own permanent account number (PAN). PAN Card application should be accompanied by the documents of the Karta and a notarised affidavit with certain details of the HuF.

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