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New Private Limited Company registration/ Incorporation

For businessmen and entrepreneurs, a new Private Limited Company is arguably the most popular form of corporate entity. Also, Its the most sought after entity This is especially in cases of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

Chapter II of the Companies Act, 2013 (most notably Sections 3 and 7) and the Companies (Incorporation) Rules, 2014 contains the rules relate to Incorporation of a new private limited Company.

The process of Company incorporation is as follows:

  1. Name reservation – Spice Forms PART A
  2. Final incorporation forms – SPICE PART B

Notable, the applicant can do both the steps together or can do it, as per his or her choice.

Arguable, the toughest part in incorporating new private limited Company in recent times is the Name reservation. This is because of the insistence of the authorities on unique prefixes. Also many a times, authorities take a narrow view taken on applicability of Trademark and relevant clauses.

Documents for incorporation of a new private limited Company in India are as follows:


PAN and adhar card of all proposed sharholders


If proposed director has a DIN, only adhar card and PAN Card is required


But if the proposed director does not have a DIN, then identity proof (from passport/ Voter Card/ Driving License) and address proof (Latest utility bill/Bank statement)


Certain consent
letters/ declarations.


Usually, consent letter along with the latest copy of utility bill in name of the owner of the premises is required as an address proof for incorporation of a private limited Company


After approval of the SPICE form, MCA also generates the PAN, TAN and PF/ ESIC numbers along with the incorporation certificate.

After incorporation of a private limited company and fulfilling certain conditions, Companies have to file – INC-20A – the additional form for commencement of business.

Immediately after incorporation, Companies have to complete certain vital compliance, described here.

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Team Entrecap’s FEMA Team is also experienced in dealing with Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in private limited Companies. This covers all matters pertaining to valuation, procedure, reporting requirements etc. You can read here.

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