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Income Tax Consultancy

Entrecap Business Services is an Income tax consultancy that offers the following services to entrepreneurs:

  1. Tax advice/ opinions on specific matters/ transactions like sale of assets, sale of business, mergers etc. We offer personalised and highly considered Tax opinions after multiple readings of applicable section and rules, circulars. notifications, court judgments etc.
  2. Computation of income and taxes from all sources of income keeping in mind applicable present rules and optimising taxes and interest, wherever possible. Under the revised income tax rules, presently tax payers can choose from the old regime ( lower slabs with multiple exemptions and deductions) or the new regime (higher income tax slabs with vastly reduced exemptions and deductions). Tax payer should select the regime, keeping in mind the tax impact plus other conditions.
  3. Preparation of income tax returns including selection of appropriate returns and ensuring relevant fields/ schedules are filled. More details can be found here.  Its more important to file returns in time so that interest can be avoided and losses can be carried forward.
  4. Revision of income tax returns -within the permissible time limit – to avoid later penalties and take any advantages under the income tax laws which had been missed out earlier.
  5. Reconciliation of income taxes with books of accounts and other laws particularly Goods and Service Tax portal. This is necessary to avoid automatic selection of tax notices under these laws in case of mismatch.
  6. Responding to notices pertaining to defective returns. This is necessary to avoid any unintentional income tax consequence and further appeals in this respect.
  7. Rectification of returns filed – either by the tax-payer himself or in response to a notice or order. This is necessary to avoid any unintentional income tax consequence and further appeals in this respect.
  8. Pursuing pending income tax refunds stuck for various reasons.
  9. Income tax matters pertaining to international taxation like taxability of a particular transaction, certification of remittance, reading of domestic tax laws with a particular double taxation avoidance agreement (DTAA) etc.
  10. Handling income tax appeals and assessments – including responding to notices, filing appeals and cross appeals, filing rejoinders and objections etc. (more details can be found here)

Entrecap Business Services assures businessmen and entrepreneurs of the best services with respect to all direct tax services mentioned above.

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